October 2005 - April 2006

For a while I had four U-nosses - Amber, Esian, Nyx (Anise) and Seina.

I decided to sell them all. Here are their auction pictures plus pictures of them in their new homes.

October 2005 - Amber

This is Amber, now renamed Trillian, on the left. She lives with Diann in the USA. Photo by Diann - thank you.

December 2005 - Nyx

This is Nyx in her new home with a wonderful new face-up. She lives with Kumi in UK.

February 2006 - Seina

Seina, renamed Holly, now lives with Jessica in the UK.

April 2006 - Esian

Esian lives with Joseph in the USA.

October 2006: For the last couple of months now I have been wishing and wishing I could turn back the clock to the beginning of this year - wishing I still had one of my U-nosses. I shouldn't have sold them all - I should have kept one. It was stupid.

U-noss was my first ever BJD purchase in 2002 and I miss so much the way the U-noss body would fold up into a cuddle - I miss the heft - the weight of the body and the feel of the resin and the squeaking of the legs. And those beautiful, beautiful knees and hands.

I realise now that the feel of a doll is very important to me - more than beauty or articulation.....


Update: October 2006. Wonderful news! Monica on LJ has come to my rescue and has offered me her Seina. Though her molded eyelashes and eyebrows have been removed she is so very like my original Seina with her pale lips. ^____^