January 2003

8th January 2003

This is a whole new world for me. Apart from the physical size of a BJD compared to the fashion dolls I'm used to, they have this amazing posability. And the clothes. When Seina arrived, she didn't have her default outfit, so I ordered these clothes from Bobo'n'doll in Korea. What a revelation - they are amazingly well made, and constructed from "proper" materials and fabrics. The denim in the jeans hangs properly, the coat is suede and sheepskin and does up at the front with real toggles.

So now, the next thing is ... how to capture this amazing doll in her fabulous outfit? While I'm considering what to do, it starts snowing outside, and suddenly I am inspired. Seina can stand and watch the snowfall ...

These pictures are OK, but they aren't quite what I wanted to capture. I can see I have a lot to learn about photographing BJDs


The snow stops as suddenly as it starts ...