Andolrea U-Noss - a 22.5" resin, highly articulated doll, sculpted by manga and figure artist Gentaro Araki. They have a slender, adult body and feature an eye switch and sculpted eye lashes.

Made and distributed by Volks.

There are two types - Seina and Aika.

November 2002

22nd November 2002

First pictures of my first Ball Jointed Doll.

Added 13th November 2007 - I came across these old pictures of Seina. Even though they are poor quality, and I didn't have a clue about posing or eye positioning, they were my first attempt and, as such, are a valid part of Seina's history.

Oh, but she has the cutest nose ... (still the best nose sculpt in the BJD world).

23rd November 2002

Next day. All she has to wear are two cut-up socks as her default outfit has been delayed.

At this point I was the only collector in my circle who had a BJD

I was asked to photograph her alongside some of the fashion dolls that I owned, for a size comparsion. In this shot she looks sort of big and clumsy alongside the smaller, slender dolls, but to my eyes she is the most beautiful.

Seina is the only doll I still own from this group.