August 7th 2010

Das Lied von der Erde

On the 13th June 2008, Custom House released a Fairy Ai, a limited edition of 10.

A Gabriel sculpt, with a unicorn horn, goat horns, goat ears, wings, archer bow and arrow, special makeup.

The doll sold out within minutes, not that I could have gone for her at that time.

This doll came up on ebay but I missed out and then six months later, a friend in the USA was selling the exact same one and I missed her again!

Fast forward to July 2010........

While looking at other things on DoA, I came across a For Sale post for the exact same doll again!!!!

This time I was lucky and finally I was able to open the box........

She is absolutely the most adorable doll. I have named her Little Fleur.