August 15th 2009

An Outing!

The twins don't usually go to doll meets, as they can get up to a lot of mischief. I decided to risk it this time.

Dru and Pru make friends with Sarah and Hannah. (Jane's CH Petites - Sariel and Hanael).

It looks successful so far.

Then they meet the formidable Dr. Hepziba Jones (Marina's St.Mina).

Hmmmm........I wonder what the twins are thinking? Hope they're not plotting something.

Safer to bundle them back with Maddy. The other gorgeous tanned girl is Portia, (Jane's CH Siwon).

But somehow, they worm their way back to Dr. Jones. They look rather taken with her!

Please behave nicely Pru and Dru!

Phew! All looks okay, Dr Jones has them under control and Sarah and Hannah are wondering what all the fuss is about!

Thank you Jane for a wonderful day.