August 25th 2007

Family Album

Today, it was decided that the Petites would have a group photograph for the family album.

Everything looked OK, but then Scottie wanted to be nearer the centre.

So then everyone had to shuffle around.

Scottie - "That's perfect."

Maple - "I haven't had this much fun since ..."

Dru : "I'm getting bored."

Pru : "I'm getting bored too."

The twins - "Let's bunk off to the garden and eat worms."

Scottie - "Oy, what are you two up to?"

"No, let's go and throw mud around and generally make a mess."

Tuula - "I think they're planning mischief."

Little Ruby - "Oh no, Pru and Dru have made a bolt for freedom. I expect they'll come back soon covered in mud."

Tuula - "Bring us back a mud pie ..."

Scottie - "Sigh. Those twins ... "