July 17th 2007

Arriving From The North

We have a cat flap, but no cats. We call it the "Petite Flap".

Tap Tap Tap


"Is anyone hooo-oooome?"

"I wonder if this is the right place?"

"I'm very small, and this place is very big."

"Hiya. I'm Scottie."

"Hiya Scottie. I'm Tuula. I'm from the North."

"Well, there's me, and Auntie Fleur, and the twins, that's Pru and Dru, and I can never tell them apart. Then there's Maple, she's quite new and she's very quiet - she talks to people when they aren't there. And there's the three sisters, Little Rin and Little Ruby and Baby Jem - you know I've never seen them all in the same room at the same time. Oh, and I'm Scottie and I've been here the longest which means I have the bestest clothes and everything. I have a bear. This is my bear. If you don't have a bear you can use mine if you want, because you look like someone who knows how to look after a bear properly. Is your bear coming down from the North soon, or do you have a seal? I'll introduce you to Captain Hook. He's ace, he tells us stories about monsters and pirates. I bet he's been up North too, and I bet he knows about seals."

"I'm Tuula"

"That's a pretty name." (Thinks : she already told me that!)

"I feel right at home already."