January 17th 2007

It's a cold and rainy January day. When the showers briefly ease up, Auntie Fleur tells Little Ruby to go and look at the pink & white flowers in the tub.

"Pink is my favourite colour"

"Those flowers look like bunny ears."

"In fact, they look VERY much like bunny ears. And bunny heads. And bunny bodies."

"It's my bunny!"

"Aw, c'mere bunny, you must be getting chilly. I'm warm and cosy cos Auntie Fleur made me put on this cardi. I know the sleeves are a bit long, but she said I'd grow into it."

"Awww, bunny."

"I got a bunny."

"I'm so happy, I got a bunny."

Little Ruby's dress and hat from CheeryDoll, cardigan made by me, mohair wig bought from Flynn.