6th July 2010

"The Return"

I hear a noise at the back gate and there is Anouk!

"Helllllooooooo, I'm back!"

"Can I sit down? This bag is heavy"

"I'm exhausted!"

She tells Ginny that she ran away with the circus.

She tells Ginny that she learnt to trapeze!

She tells Ginny about all the amazing things she saw!

"There were polar bears and big ginormous cats and giraffes....

......."and dragons and centaurs and whales that could talk......"

Ginny doesn't believe her.

Anouk thinks that went well.

I leave them chatting.

I'm very, very pleased that Anouk is back and that she was well looked after.

13th July 2010

Today I took photos of all of my dolls wherever they were sitting or standing....

After the return Anouk and Ginny are still sitting in the living room.