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Links to more beautiful dolls and clothes.

UK Site for clothes, wigs and shoes. One-stop-shop for DollHeart, CheeryDoll, Ajumapama, Posh Dolls etc.

Aimee has the best reference site for Super Dollfies.

Jesse's photography is most creative and inspirational. And she has some amazing dolls.

Grace has a beautiful BJD family including her two gorgeous U-Noss, Unoas and HyperManiacs.

Home of Shiina, my favourite MSD and also has the definitive "head mold owner" list.

Natalie's pictures of her U-Noss were the inspiration for me to get mine. ^_^

This is one of the first sites that inspired me, and is still a great favourite.

Bobon Doll is a Korean clothes maker, the very first clothes I ever bought for my U-noss dolls. ^_^

By Chesca - another Korean clothes maker, very high quality, street fashion.

Violet Fern - Juliet's clothes, dolls and photography are fabulous to behold. I spend hours drooling over her site.

Gorgeous pictures of Pullips, Blythes (including a fab Rouge Noir), Lishe and Hound. And CLOTHES!

Kallisti's site is truly inspirational, with the most fabulous dolls' clothes and roomsets.

Nicola has a beautiful Unoa and U-Noss, plus many other great dolls (including Blythe)

Aisha's Unoa pictures and SD boy pictures are gorgeous.

Claudia has beautiful dolls including U-noa, Unique Ai, Petit Ai and SD Shiru.

I love Morrigan (U-Noss) and Nena (Unoa), absolutely striking dolls.

Jujube has beautiful photographs of her beautifully customised dolls.

Karin has a large and eclectic collection and is also a "Masterpiece Eyes" dealer.

I just love Pertti's taste in U-noss clothes - because it's the same as mine !

Anika's F04, Una, is one of the prettiest SD's I've ever seen.

Here is the infamous "Fox" owned by Alice Bang and also "Drusilla" owned by Miss Deth.

Amy makes fab cutting edge clothes.

Mia's pictures have always been inspiring.

Lovely SD's, including a gorgeous F-09 boy

I bought my first ever Blythe (Miss Holly Hollywood) from Tiff.

Valentine has two hot CH boys

Some beauties live here, including CH Ai Gene and Ai Jun

Neale has a courtly collection, including CH, DoD and ALL the Pompadour Cissies.

Avvelenato - some of the best photography and styling I've seen. Fabulous dolls, too.