September 15th 2009

The album

While Hook is away on the Pacific Rin, Maddy has slipped back to Earth to seek out Fleur.

They have a lot to catch up.

Fleur shows Maddy the photos from James and Mai's wedding last November.

A happy sigh from Fleur. "Such a beautiful day and they are still as much in love as when they first met."

Maddy stares hard at the next two photos.

"But that's not me!" she whispers to Fleur.

Fleur is shocked. Maddy insists that the girl in the photo with Hook is Artemis pretending to be her.

Fleur listens as Maddy tells her story.


Artemis is gloating.

"This is too easy. Now I have fooled Fleur as well. She believes I am really Maddy, Fleur always falls for a sob story.

Hook believed I was Maddy too when we had the "secret" meeting.

He was suspicious but he went away believing that he had found his Maddy again.

But Maddy is no more - I destroyed her long ago.

And later he will pay too."

But Fleur is not fooled.

"Something feels wrong, I know this girl is not my friend Maddy. She looks like her, talks like her but I don't believe her story.

I must send a message to Sayeena and warn her and also warn Hook.

I fear he is in mortal danger. I can't lose him.

I love him."