September 13th 2005

Kairo in black.

September 15th 2005

Kairo - Mystery Man.

Kairo is a member of the ruling elite and is the Pharoah's younger brother. He is charged with being guardian and mentor to Pru and Dru, the second generation Queenlings. One day, whilst showing the little ones around the portal room, there is a strange noise. He turns to see what's happening and Dru and Pru skip through the portal. The portal is immediately set into power-down, but Kairo leaps through after his charges. He arrives on .............., seconds after them but the journey has not gone well. He cannot remember where he is from. He knows he to guard the Twins. He knows he has to teach them.

People regard him with awe. His tanned skin and strange golden eye tattoos mark him as a stranger. He has a physical presence that speaks of mysterious power and dark forces. He speaks quietly. His devotion to the little ones is absolute for he knows that they hold the key that may unlock his past and eventually lead them all home.